Thursday, June 2, 2011

I need You now.

"I've been trying to win; Trying to fend for myself way too long.
Living in doubt is living without and so alone.
I know that I need you, I know that I need you now.
I've been trying to find; something alive, something inside of my soul.
And it's working now that I found I'm not my own.
And I know that I need you, I know that I need you now."

Last night was a worship under the stars thing at church and it was rather amazing. To worship God in the beauty he created was just fabulous. I go throughout my days, and I screw up so so so much, but when It comes down to worship, I always feel like none of that matters. I'm singing to my God who saves and it's fabulous. I just wish I could go from that to living like He wants me to all the time. Isn't that the best form of worship, following his word?

Monday I will be heading off to Puerto Rico with a fabulous group of people, and I cannot wait. I've been looking forward to this for what seems like forever. I'm not, however, looking forward to get up at a very icky hour. i think I will have to wake up at three in the morning. Fabulous.

I've been trying to change things lately. From my relationship with God, to the way I see myself, to the way I see others. I've been in a really weird mood and I know why, I just wish everything was simply fixed.